Caring for your Sedona Bronze Sink

These sinks should be cleaned with a mild solution of Ivory Liquid and warm water along with a soft cotton cloth.
After you wash your sink, dry it thoroughly with another soft cotton cloth.
Use a cloth to apply a thin coat of clear Trewax over the inside of the sink. Let it dry, then buff lightly with a cotton cloth to a nice luster. This should be done every two to three weeks.
*Never use an abrasive sponge or an abrasive cleaner on your sink. This will damage the surface of the patina and possibly leave the bronze unprotected and open for unwanted oxidation and discoloration.

Patinas on Sedona Bronze Sinks

The patinas are applied using a large torch, natural bristle brushes or spray bottles and a variety of chemical acids. The chemicals we use are stable when they come in contact with water.
Each sink is hot waxed with Trewax (a clear, hard, carnuba wax). Since bronze may change color a little over time, these are considered living patinas. The natural changes that occur with age are quite unique and beautiful.

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